If the popularity surrounding Match does not spark your interest, the information the site releases speaks for itself. A whoping 38% of members reportedly have had a relationship that began on the site and lasted over a month than any other site, while 33% of Match users report having relationships that last longer than four months.

Because it’s a paid site, Match might not be on the top of your list of dating sites to test, but if you continue the online route, it is likely a site you’ll eventually land on.

While it’s hard to deny some of the appeal of Match lies within its use and popularity, the better half of it lies in the website’s features and functionality. From member discovery to communication, Match has all of the top features that make for a straightforward, successful online dating experience. And even with all the built in features, it doesn’t overwhelm the users.

The result is an internet dating site that not only works for various audiences, but keeps improving over time. Arguably the most recognizable name in online dating now, has been easing dates, relationships, and marriages for the past 23 years. Owned by Match Group Inc (MTCH) which went public a few years ago, has maintained a leadership role through all the ups and downs of the online dating hypes over the past years by always making improvements to better match users on the website, attracting a wide range of online daters, and focusing on members to optimize the online dating experience. is often regarded as the next logical step when online daters decide it’s time to stop expending energy on free relationship apps and firmly make the choice to upgrade their dating game. The website is a household name, so much so it synonymous with the idea of internet dating itself, and it is no longer seen as uncommon or embarrassing to be a member. Throughout all their marketing ploys, the latest campaign shows off that the competition is led by Match.

The online dating site holds true to its promise that it has and will continue to help users find what they’re looking for, be that a casual hookup or serious relationship. Of course, because the site is paid, it does tend to attract a more serious degree of online dater, which could account for a number of its own success, but after over two decades of online dating testing and information, it’s pretty safe to assume knows what its doing when it comes to creating interpersonal connections.

From desktop to phone app, Match perfects the user experience, setting a high bar for others to follow. The site has sufficient discovery tools and communication methods to get the job done, but is very clear and concise enough to start using from day one.

Member profiles are comprehensive, yet not daunting, and when seen are customized to each member, highlighting similar principles and complimentary’looking for’ requirements. Profiles accommodate numerous photos and can display as little or much info as members choose to share, allowing for increased flexibility of use and accommodating a diverse audience.

The site is most certainly a mainstream online dating site designed to match singles for much more serious dates and relationships, yet because of the audience it attracts it can certainly be used as a hookup site for those looking for matches of a higher caliber.

No matter an online dating site or app may be, what matters is how well it works. Match has that area covered with itmatching algorithm which individually improves it’s matching capabilities the more each member uses the website.

Unlike other sites that compute who you are and who you ‘should’ meet based on lengthy questionnaires, Match uniquely takes into consideration what (features, attributes, qualities, etc.) you say you need and what your activities on the website indicate you want.

By way of example, if you select the hair color of your matches to be blond but you always look at brunettes, the algorithm of Match will pick up on the difference between your expressed wants and actions and start to add a few brunettes.

The result is an simple to use website that seamlessly’learns’ who you are and how to fit you better with each login.