eHarmony Review

Quality over quantity.

The experience on eHarmony is customized for each individual user, but somewhat restricted. eHarmony is not the place to swipe left or right and wait for responses. Instead, users may only see those that the website has identified as possibly good matches for them. With that, there is no possible browsing or searching. Participants find others according to their number of matches that the site shows them daily. Rest assured that the logic behind eHarmony is mindblowing and they do a pretty good job matching people

The more one uses the site, the more matches, and potential experiences you will find, but, due to the nature of only seeing a handpicked fraction of the whole site makes the online dating process around eHarmony a slower and more calculated than the other online dating sites.

This, clearly, may be a deterrent to some, but with they have been providing reliable successes. For example lasting romances and marriages, plus numerous awards. It is fair to think about dropping your need for immediate gratification or mass attention in order to achieve real love.

Long referred to as the go-to website for finding authentic, lasting love, eHarmony has kept its position as a leader in the online dating industry. Unlike other mainstream dating websites that continually update features to accommodate current tendencies, eHarmony stays true to its roots, dating back to its release in 2000. Sure the website updates its matching system based on the more data gathered, but past that, the way the site operates has remained essentially the same, and that further goes to demonstrate that its approach to producing successful romantic connections simply works.

The backbone of eHarmony matching system is its unique “29 Dimensions of Compatibility” matching system, based on years of research to an ever-increasing number of connections.

EHarmony is a premium mainstream dating website, not just limited to Christians dating site, as many still think, that has withstood the test of time and shows no signs of decreasing any popularity. The internet dating process and matching system on eHarmony is based on years of information and the business can more than prove the website simply works using its enormous success rates, such as the 2012 survey conducted by Harris Interactive, which found 438 eHarmony couples actually get married every day. Yes, the study is from a few years ago but eHarmony still one of the strongest dating sites out there.

This is really a full-fledged compatibility website at its best, that helps you find that special somebody, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles to distract you from attaining your dating goal. Of course, this is assuming your objective is discovering meaningful romantic connections with others that are compatible.

EHarmony brings over 6 million visits each month on desktop and mobile browsers, with most users arising from the USA, the UK, and Canada. Visitors spend an average of about 7:38 minutes on the site, seeing an average of 10.59 web pages, which is above average for relationship site visitors but can also be impressive considering there’s just so many members that a user can see in one visit.

The dating site gathers a whole lot of personal information from customers through a lengthy registration questionnaire and uses its proprietary fitting system to ascertain the variables that predict successful romantic relationships by identifying numerical characteristics, similarities, and differences that reveal broad-based compatibility.

In other words, the site gathers a ton of information on you (and everybody else on the site) then matches you with other people based on those 29 dimensions of compatibility. They have been doing this for almost 17 years with successful matching, their system works, and an ever-growing amount of data to further refine the system since new users sign up and find spouses, the website has a fairly legitimate grasp on how best to match other people for long-term love and is arguably the nearest thing in the digital world to hiring a personal matchmaker.

Users have the choice of an exclusive guided communication platform to successfully interact with others, and it is basically a hand-held procedure that enables one to collect more info about another member before fully engaging in one-on-one communication.

Profiles on the site seem like personal web pages, and outside being pleasing, they shine a light on one’s character instead of focusing solely on appearances or the amount of zero’s in one’s yearly pay.